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Are you in need of skirts for your classes and rehearsals, in various styles? LDW offers a wide range of different and colorful models that you'll absolutely adore. Begin your shopping experience right away

Florance Skirt

1,350.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,350.00₺

This skirt is an essential piece to elevate your ensemble effortlessly. Crafted from an incredibly soft chiffon fabric, it ensures a stunning drape that accentuates your style. Its versatility shines ..

Markiz Dance Skirt

2,000.00₺ Ex Tax: 2,000.00₺

Slip into this flattering skirt to complete your ensemble effortlessly. Crafted from a luxuriously soft chiffon fabric, this skirt gracefully drapes and enhances your silhouette. It's elegance perfect..

Venus Skirt

2,000.00₺ Ex Tax: 2,000.00₺

This skirt is an essential piece that will effortlessly elevate your outfit. Designed in an incredibly soft chiffon fabric, the long work skirt offers a dramatic statement that emphasises your style. ..

Aurelia Skirt

900.00₺ Ex Tax: 900.00₺

Create an effortless, minimal look with this practical skirt cut in the shape of the famous New York School of American Ballet skirt. It is a pull on skirt which drapes beautifully to give you a flatt..

Pancake Tutu

3,700.00₺ Ex Tax: 3,700.00₺

With its black and white color options, LDW's practice tutus will become your closest companion during various classes and rehearsals! Our tutus combine simplicity and elegance, supporting you at ever..

Berceste Long Skirt

2,200.00₺ Ex Tax: 2,200.00₺

The Berceste chiffon ballet skirt is a great base for dance class. It is designed to complement a wide range of leotards and is easy to take off. The lightweight and stretchy structure of the chiffon ..

Lilac Skirt

3,200.00₺ Ex Tax: 3,200.00₺

This chiffon ballet skirt is a great base for a dance lesson. They are designed to complement a wide range of leotards and are easy to remove. The skirt length is 100 cm...

Faith Dance Skirt

2,360.00₺ Ex Tax: 2,000.00₺

An indispensable part of LDW's ballet wardrobe, the high low wrap ballet skirt emphasises your elegance and performance. The specially designed tie fastening feature allows you to use the skirt easily..

Costume Cover

Costume Cover

1,800.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,800.00₺

If you are going to a dance competition or you don't want to get damaged while carrying your tutu, our compact tutu bag designed in a safe way is for you.product specifications;• It has unique quality..

Juno Skirt

1,416.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,200.00₺

Introducing the exquisite 'Juno' ballet skirt! Crafted with precision and grace, the Juno skirt is a masterpiece of elegance and fluidity. Its soft, flowing fabric will enhance your movements and add ..

Romantic Tutu

3,500.00₺ Ex Tax: 3,500.00₺

Made of the highest quality Turkish tulle and presented in various colors, this romantic tulle fits perfectly into your leotards. You can choose any length you like for your maximum convenience...

Lal Chiffon Skirt

1,100.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,100.00₺

Move from the studio to the stage wherever the dance takes you. It has never been so elegant to move with the latest designs of LDW. An easy-to-wear chiffon dance skirt will always be with you..

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