How it all started?

Lagun Sengelen, who was introduced to dance at the age of 3, greatly enjoyed exploring fabric stores in İzmir Karsiyaka with her mother when she was a little girl. Creating various outfits from the fabrics they selected together was a fascinating experience for her. From a young age, Lagun designed ballet costumes with her mother, and after transferring to Hacettepe University's Ankara Conservatory at the age of 14, she continued to design various leotards and skirts. These designs received great admiration from her teachers and friends.

In 2019, Lagun decided to turn this passion into a professional career. One of the main factors that led her to this decision was the limited options for dancers in Turkiye when it came to purchasing leotards. Additionally, she wanted to see a Turkish dancewear brand represented on the international stage and to show that young dancers could also be part of this industry.

Lagun aimed to make a difference not only as a dancer but also as a designer and entrepreneur. With her innovative and unique designs, she worked to leave a mark in both the artistic and business worlds. Today, the leotards that once adorned Lagun’s childhood dreams have started to fulfill everyone's dreams! We continue to grow with the same passion and love from the beginning, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

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