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European Brand Representative:

Müge Sertbas Rückert

Australia - New Zealand Representative:

Gaye Tutus -

Turkiye and Middle East Representative:

Lagun Sengelen -

As Lagun Dancewear, a next-generation dance apparel company, we are excited to present our vibrant and unique products in your store. Our wide range of products includes dance leotards, skirts, tutus, costumes, shoes, and accessories. By showcasing and selling these products in your store, you can share your passion for dance with your customers. We can offer you special campaigns, discounts, and exclusive opportunities as part of our collaboration. Additionally, we are here to guide you through the steps and procedures necessary for our partnership. Feel free to contact us for more information and to learn the details about this exciting opportunity. We look forward to working together to bring your passion for dance to your customers.

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Phone: +90 501 106 68 20

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