About Us

 Lagun Dancewear®, takes pride in being Turkiye's first boutique dance brand. LDW, founded and owned by Nesrin Karayel since March 2020, continues to offer high-level quality, elegance, and comfort. As an innovative brand, we operate with the mission of being the new generation artist's new generation brand. We are committed to bringing a fresh perspective to the dancewear industry with all our products being 100% locally made. Meeting new customers from all around the world, especially in Turkiye, excites us. Since November 2020, with the brand approval we received, we continue to reach dancers and athletes both domestically and internationally.

Lagun Dancewear® aims not only to excel in dance apparel but also to contribute to the advancement of the dance world. We constantly develop innovative designs and products to meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations. Our mission is to help dancers elevate their performances to the highest level and to provide them with the confidence to dance securely. As the Lagun Dancewear® family, we continue to grow and bring a new vision to the dance world together with our valued customers. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

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