Ballet Leotards

It's time to get acquainted with our products of different colors and models. Lagun Dancewear, another name for elegance, continues to offer you unsurpassed quality and high-level comfort.

Mona Leotard

1,875.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,875.00₺

The Mona ballet leotard, a favorite among dancers for its elegance, offers a unique style with delicately crafted lace and twist details. This special design not only adds value to your performance on..

Primavera Leotard

1,700.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,700.00₺

Primevera offers a magical beauty reminiscent of the night. It brings a special touch to the night with its eye-catching back decollete, design reminiscent of the twinkle of the stars and elegant cut...

Milan Leotard

1,700.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,700.00₺

A Legendary Stance, A Unique Style... The elegance of white cotton fabric and the magic of unique purple tulle come together in the new Milan Leotard. This leotard offers the subtle elegance of the Re..

Valois Leotard

1,600.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,600.00₺

Inspired by the nutcracker season, this leotard is reminiscent of a classic piece with its special navy blue colour. With its elegant navy blue colour, this leotard encourages ballet enthusiasts to sh..

Baroness Leotard

2,400.00₺ Ex Tax: 2,400.00₺

The Baroness leotard effortlessly embodies a timeless and sophisticated style, delicately accentuating your lines while adding a modern touch. Its stunning design expands on details that make you feel..

Romantic Horizon Leotard

1,300.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,300.00₺

Romantic Horizon, with its unique cut and exquisite texture, will immerse you in the distinctive charm of Lagun Dancewear throughout your dance journey. Elevate the studio's ambiance with the vibrant ..

Venus Leotard

1,825.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,825.00₺

The Venus leotard, a sweet dream in pink, embodies LDW's neo-classic style, offering a stunning fit with its alluring neckline and broad fixed straps, ensuring both a timeless elegance and unhindered ..

Capia Leotard

1,600.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,600.00₺

Capia's half-sleeved and sporty cut adds energy to your style! While supporting your freedom with its flexible structure and comfortable texture, it protects your elegance on the go. Combining the ene..

Spes Leotard

1,600.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,600.00₺

Experience exceptional quality and remarkable style with our Spes leotard from the Lagun Dancewear "Winter Breezes" collection. This one-piece leotard with 3/4 sleeves boasts a higher neckline and con..

Swan Neck Leotard

1,900.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,900.00₺

This elegant Lycra leotard combines sophistication with functionality through its long neckline and graceful mesh sleeves. Particularly suitable for the winter season, this model will become your favo..

Exotic Drape Leotard

1,450.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,450.00₺

The LDW Drapeli leotard features straps that come flat over the shoulders to the back and a striking twist in the front, offering an elegant appearance. This leotard is designed to 'stay in place with..

Candy Cane Leotard

1,425.00₺ Ex Tax: 1,425.00₺

Candy Cane strappy ballet leotard combines the elegance of dance with the magic of red. While emphasising your eye-catching stance on the stage with its unique red tone, it also fascinates the audienc..

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