If the buyer is not present at the address, the returned orders are canceled and refunded. The buyer can re-order it at any time.

Dear customers.
If you request a refund/exchange for products sent to you by free shipping, the shipping fees (Sent/Received) belong to the customer. If the counterpayment is sent, the shipping fee will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

"There is no REFUND /EXCHANGE for products whose packaging has been damaged, cut, discarded, lost invoice."

Return you can return the product you purchased from within 14 days from the date of sale. The product is “unused” and a refund is provided provided provided that it has not damaged its packaging in any way. Please send the product and invoice by ARAS Cargo, our contracted shipping company. Shipping charges are the customer's own. For shipments made with different cargo companies, the customer also pays for the cargo. The product you will return must be “complete and undamaged” along with its box, packaging and accessories.

After the product arrives at our side, a refund will be made within 5-7 business days, depending on your bank. For credit card payments, the fee will be paid back to your current credit card and, if it was made by bank transfer, to your Iban number provided during registration. 

"Important: Because underwear such as bras, panties is hygienic, a refund or exchange is absolutely not possible. Thank you for your understanding.”

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